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Text serial number to +1-415-749-9808 to see if tied to stolen gear

Now you can text Lenstag’s phone number (+1-415-749-9808) to see if a serial number is tied to stolen gear!

More details here:




Lenstag photo contest!

The folks at Viewbug were kind enough to set up a photo contest judged by Alan Shapiro in support of Lenstag & I’m giving away a new Nexus 7 as a prize!

Submit your best images for the contest here:

http://www.viewbug.com/contests/sanctuaries-photo-contest-by-lenstag Happy photographing! trevor

Lenstag made it onto TechCrunch!


New features! Disposable verification links for buying/selling & more!


Lenstag now has disposable verification links you can use to bring verification wherever you’re selling & ask for it wherever you’re buying, enabling/disabling of public gear list page & CSV exporting. ┬áMore info @ PetaPixel.

Lenstag Stolen Gear List

Lenstag Stolen Gear List

Lenstag now has a page that lists every single item that’s been verified & reported stolen. ┬áPlease get this out there as far & wide as you can so we can start recovering some gear.

Happy photographing!


We’ve launched!



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