Lenstag is Live

We’ve launched! A special thank you to the folks at PetaPixel for writing the first article about us.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 23.59.23

Here’s to many more to come!

19 thoughts on “Lenstag is Live

  1. Would be great if you could snap a picture with your webcam and have it automatically captured in the website, rather than using your camera, transferring to computer, etc.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Webcam uploads would be super-cool, but it would be a non-trivial amount of engineering to set it up. However, I’ll be sure to get a better handle on how much work it would take once the launch buzz dies down a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Aaron’s idea sounds like a good one. Its near impossible to manipulate live webcam footage, innit. That way you won’t need to worry about photoshopped serial numbers in pictures etc. Just my two cent’s worth. I think Lenstag is a great idea. Hope this site becomes the worldwide go-to site to prevent/control theft.

  2. Love the idea!
    A one-stop registry where people buying camera gear can check to see if it is stolen or not. Hopefully a lot of people trying to do the right thing will utilize this service.
    A feature that would be cool, but not sure on the usage rights, would be stock photos of the lenses and bodies to display with maybe a small description of what they use their gear for or how they got theirs.
    I think this would entice more people to use the service to “show off” their gear while providing a theft checking service in the background.

  3. Love the idea!

    One suggestion of a feature, not sure on the image rights, would to have stock photos of the cameras and lenses that are listed. I think this would entice more users to “show off” their gear while also providing a theft checking service in the background. Photographers love to show off their gear, but it is sometimes a pain to show them off without leaving a few out to take the photo of them.
    For items not listed in the registry, maybe also include a section to provide a stock photo of said camera/lens(es) to build up the registry.

  4. Also, being able to export your verified list for insurance purposes would be amazing. Even better add list/street price as well..

    1. Yeah, both those features would be great. Exporting data would be easy & I’ll add gear states to the gear list page, too. Street value could replace the Date Added column in the user dashboard as that’s probably a more interesting bit of information (especially if it went up and down with time).

  5. Thanks a lot for your effort! Great Site! I hope this will help a lot of us to prevent or get back stolen equipment.

    Wouldnยดt it be useful to see the exact date/time when equipment reported as stolen on Lenstag?
    And is it possible to register already stolen gear?


    1. Hey Toni,

      Thanks for the kind words! It would be useful to see the exact date/time the equipment was reported stolen on Lenstag & I’ll be sure to add that feature in the future. And yes, it’s possible to register already stolen gear as long as you have some evidence that you owned it (receipt + warranty card or police report would be optimal). Make sure to include a note in the description field of the verification request as well.

      Thanks for using Lenstag & I hope you get your gear back!

  6. Lenstag, thank you for what you are doing. I’ve signed up and will be adding all of my gear. I have a suggestion based on curiosity. Like the annual reports on cars I’d love to see a breakdown of the most stolen gear and locations of where the most thefts occur.

  7. I’ve found that some of my equipment isn’t listed in the drop down..such as my manfrotto tripod and some of my lenses, are you constantly adding new items to the list or does it automatically get added to the list when someone enters it manually?

    1. Hey Dan!

      The autosuggestion is just a suggestion, so feel free to put whatever you’d like into the box. Many Lenstag users have been putting anything even tangentially related to their photography practice, including their desktops, smart phones and many other items. I will do a sweep of items that aren’t in the suggestion database at some point soon to help eliminate confusion & make the site even easier to use.


  8. Because of the free entry nature, many items are listed without any convention about how to write it down.
    But it seems that you now have value estimation page for our gears. Would you share which website the data source is from ? Maybe that way we can have a list about how to write the maker and model of our gears.


    1. Yes, the free form input does make things a little more challenging. The data from various online sources and is only a rough estimate of value. One feature we’d like to add in the near future is letting the user set the value of their items which is a fix for the unknown model name issue.

      1. Oh… Actually I’m thinking that if there’s a single source of data for the value, that list should also have a non-duplicated list of brand and product name.
        So by looking at that list, we can have a recommended spelling for our items. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Not to mention the aliasing for name variation.
        Canon, I’m looking at you with that EOS, Rebel, Kiss model naming.

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