Not buying stolen gear just got even easier

The stolen gear page was (until last night at 1am) some of the oldest code on Here are the improvements: First things first: it’s fast. Like really fast, especially compared to the… Continue reading

How to Not Buy Stolen Camera Gear and the Risks of Used Equipment

Avoid trouble by learning what to watch out for when buying used cameras and lenses.

The #1 Way to Help

Lenstag’s free resource that helps you and other shooters without having to register for anything.

Faces of Theft, Part 3: Theft, Recovery, and the Afterlife of Stolen Gear

Pawnshops are not the problem. What you need to know about stolen gear resale.

Faces of Theft, Part 2: Robbery Risks and Situational Awareness

Robbery makes up about 8-10% of gear lost on Lenstag. Here are 10 tips to reduce risk.

Lenstag Features: Legal Docs, Copyright Alerts

We had an LA-based entertainment attorney create custom business docs for all Lenstag users.

Faces of Theft, Part 1: Gear Stolen from Secure Locations

Lenstag’s data shows equipment is stolen mostly from homes and cars. Tips on what to do in this 3-part series.

Lenstag Features: Gear Lists, Custom URLs

Edit gear values, customize your URL, and other LT account features you might not know about!

Finding Serials, Manufacturer Guides, & More

For theft, serials are the #1 way law enforcement can find and identify stolen goods. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Text Serial to +1-415-749-9808 to Find Stolen Gear

Did you know that you can text a serial # on the spot to see if it’s stolen?