Lenstag Features: Legal Docs, Copyright Alerts

Here are the latest new features for Lenstag users!

Lenstag Documents

We now offer business documents every photographer should have to protect themselves and their work. We had an LA-based entertainment attorney create custom photographer business docs for all Lenstag users, along with additional essential docs for Lenstag Pro supporters.


The most important one, the DMCA Takedown Notice, as well as a model release, is available for free. Log into your account to access them now. These agreements, notices, and forms will be updated over time and we’ve done our best to make sure they cover many of the contractural details photographers face (right down to whether or not you get a meal at the wedding you’re shooting).

We’re slowly creating documents that are suitable for each country.

In addition to the U.S., the entire set of attorney-drafted documents is now available for:

United Kingdom

We’ve also added the ability for users to set copyright alerts. Upload an image into your Lenstag account with your copyright written into the EXIF data and we’ll use that to help track down images with even more nuance than just serial number alone. You will find this in the Settings page of your account.


That’s all for now. For more features you might have missed, see the following posts:

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