Lenstag Features: Gear Lists, Custom URLs

We’ve rounded up a few features on Lenstag.com that you might not know about. We will add more features to this list as we grow. For now, check out some of these tips:

Organizing Gear Lists

From the dashboard of the browser version of your Lenstag account, click on “Model” to automatically alphabetize your gear list.

OrganizeByNameLTYou can also organize your list by Status and Date Added.

Setting Your Own Gear Prices

From the browser version of your Lenstag account, click on the Value section.

SettingPricesLTFrom there, you will see which items don’t have pricing at all. Click on the “edit” button.


You can then set the “new” and “used” prices of your item. This is particularly handy for antique cameras with varying values. You can also edit Lenstag’s automatic value figures for each of your items.

Get a Custom Gear List URL

Change the random string of characters at the end of your gear list URL to something more meaningful, like your name or the name of your business. Share this list with clients or anyone else who needs to see what you own. Visit “Settings” from the browser version of your Lenstag account.


That’s all for now! For more Lenstag how-to’s, please visit the following posts:

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