Not Buying Stolen Gear Just Got Even Easier

The stolen gear page was (until last night at 1 AM) some of the oldest code on Here are the improvements:

  • First things first: it’s fast. Like really fast, especially compared to the old page which listed all stolen gear ever and could take up to a minute or two to load due to various factors.
  • Stolen items are now broken down by brand, brand unknown when the system isn’t sure, and there’s still the “all stolen gear” option that formed the entirety of the old stolen page. You no longer have to download all stolen gear ever just to check one brand.
  • Serial number search is front and center and borrows a lot from the Lenstag apps.
  • More data! You can find out now when something was reported stolen and how many people have viewed the page.

I’ve spent the last week of evenings working on this, sometimes not getting to sleep until 3am and having to work the day job in a few hours.

Please don’t let my sleep deprivation be in vain…keep using Lenstag to protect your gear and tell everyone you know that takes photos about Lenstag so they’re protected, too. The stolen gear problem is already fixed for everyone using Lenstag, we just need to get everyone on board before it’s solved for good.

Thank you to Lenstag Pro users for helping me pay for this project & everyone for their dedication to ending camera & lens theft forever!

Stay safe out there!


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